Custom Jewelry Design in Las Vegas

IceBerg Diamonds specialize in high quality, high craftsmanship, and high quality diamonds.

Top Rated Custom Jewelry

We do not copy any previous designs. The custom pieces we create for you will be as unique as you in the whole world.

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Step 1


Our design process starts with a rough hand sketch drawn with the help of your imagination, idea or inspiration whether it's totally in your head or in the form of a raw drawing or a picture or a memorabilia you have. The rough sketch is given dimensions of your choice in regards of length, width, thickness etc.

Step 2


Next, you will decide on the colors and materials that are used. You decide how much karat of gold (10, 14 or 18kt), what size of diamonds, positioning of the diamonds or any other stones you like. We also do enamel. You can have colored diamonds for the colored parts or lesser expensive semi-precious stones.

Step 3


Now all this information is transmitted to our design factory.At the design factory first they draw a professional geometrical sketch showing all the technical information. They will convert the design into graphics by Computer Aided Design and create a CAD file.

Step 4


Once approved by you, the factory is given a go ahead signal to start manufacturing. Although each project is unique to it's own, we aim to have your custom piece completed within 4 weeks.

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