Why Pawn Shop Magnet Test Is A Scam?

Welcome to another enlightening piece from Iceberg Diamonds, your trusted partner in high-quality diamonds and fine jewelry. Today, we’ll be shedding light on a common scam found in pawn shops: the magnet test. Pawn shops might employ this test to undervalue and underpay individuals for their genuine gold items. We believe in transparency and educating our clientele, hence we’ll compare this to more accurate gold testing methods like acid testing and gold testing machines, all while offering insights on ensuring the true value of your cherished pieces.

Understanding The Magnet Test

The magnet test is simple: a magnet is brought near a gold item, and if the item is attracted to the magnet, it is presumed to be fake or of lesser purity. The theory behind this is that genuine gold is not magnetic. However, this test can be misleading, which brings us to our next point.

The Misleading Nature of the Magnet Test

The magnet test is highly unreliable for determining gold purity. Many non-gold metals which are magnetic can be alloyed with gold, which will not change the magnetic properties but will give the appearance of gold. Conversely, a non-magnetic response does not guarantee the authenticity or purity of gold.

The Ripoff 

Unsuspecting individuals may find themselves receiving significantly less than the real worth of their gold items. The pawn shops profit from this misinformation, creating an unfair advantage over individuals who lack the necessary knowledge to challenge the undervaluation.

Genuine Gold Testing Methods

Acid Test

  • The acid test provides a more reliable method for determining gold purity, employing a set of acids to gauge the reaction with the metal.

Gold Testing Machine

  •  Utilizing technology, gold testing machines offer precise assessments of gold purity.

Diamond Testing

  • At Iceberg Diamonds, we ensure the authenticity and quality of our diamonds through rigorous testing, affirming our commitment to high-quality diamonds.

Why Pawn Shops Don’t Always Use Reliable Testing Methods

Less reliable tests could be motivated by the prospect of higher profits at the expense of fair dealings. This underscores the importance of seeking reputable and transparent dealers, like Iceberg Diamonds, when looking to ascertain the value of your precious items.

Protecting Yourself From Scams

  • Familiarize yourself with genuine gold testing methods.
  • Seek reputable gold and diamond appraisers.
  • Engage with transparent and reputable dealers who value integrity and customer satisfaction.


Awareness is a potent tool against scams. At Iceberg Diamonds, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clientele is well-informed and satisfied. Discover our unique collection of fine jewelry and experience our unparalleled customer service. Entrust us with creating your dream piece, a testament to your unique style and our exquisite craftsmanship.

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