Does Moissanite Pass A Diamond Tester?

Hello diamond enthusiasts! Today, we dive into a question that's been on the minds of many: "Does moissanite pass a diamond tester?" As experts in the field of precious stones at Iceberg Diamonds, we know how essential it is to differentiate between a high-quality diamond and other beautiful, yet distinct gemstones. Let's get started.

Understanding Diamonds and Moissanites

Diamonds: The Unmatched Brilliance

Diamonds have long been revered for their exceptional hardness and captivating brilliance. This gemstone's unique properties are due to its composition—pure carbon under intense heat and pressure over billions of years. Our collection at Iceberg Diamonds features high-quality diamonds that shine with unmatched clarity and sparkle.

Moissanites: A Diamond's Look-alike

Moissanites, on the other hand, are silicon carbide gemstones. While they possess some similar characteristics to diamonds, such as their dazzling brilliance, they're not identical. Originally discovered in a meteor crater, moissanite is often synthesized in laboratories today for use in fine jewelry.

Comparing Diamonds and Moissanites

Comparing these two stones, diamonds are slightly harder and typically exhibit better light performance. While moissanite is a stunning gemstone in its own right, nothing beats the timeless elegance and deep symbolism of a certified diamond from Iceberg Diamonds.

Understanding Diamond Testers

Diamond testers are commonplace in the jewelry world, designed to distinguish real diamonds from look-alikes. Here's a look at how they work.

How Diamond Testers Work

Diamond testers primarily measure heat conductivity. Diamonds, due to their specific crystal structure, conduct heat differently than other gemstones. Some advanced testers also measure electrical conductivity.

Types of Diamond Testers and Their Accuracy

Diamond testers come in different types and levels of sophistication. Basic ones only test heat conductivity, while advanced models can also check for electrical conductivity.

Beware of Scams: Diamond Testers and Moissanite 

Regrettably, there are some less shady operators in the jewelry world. They may use lower quality diamond testers, which can mistake moissanite for a diamond. These cheap testers fail to accurately differentiate between these two distinct gemstones. Be aware of such practices and ensure that the establishments you're dealing with use accurate, high-quality testing equipment.

The Experiment: Testing Moissanite with a Diamond Tester

To answer our main question, we conducted an experiment using a diamond tester on a moissanite gemstone. Here's what we found.

Testing Process

We used a traditional heat and electrical conductivity tester, holding it against a quality moissanite gemstone for a few seconds.

Results of the Test

The tester indicated that the stone was not a diamond. Thus, the moissanite did not pass the diamond tester.

Why Doesn't Moissanite Pass a Diamond Tester?

The reason is quite simple—moissanite and diamonds have different physical properties. Most notably, they conduct heat and electricity differently. This distinction allows a well-calibrated diamond tester to accurately differentiate between the two.

Other Methods to Differentiate Between Diamond and Moissanite

Professional Gemological Testing

While diamond testers are great, nothing beats a professional gemological evaluation. At Iceberg Diamonds, we offer our customers peace of mind with every purchase. All our diamonds are certified, ensuring you're getting a genuine, high-quality diamond.

Home-Based Methods

There are also some home-based methods, such as the fog test or visual inspection. However, for definitive results, we recommend professional testing.

Advanced Diamond/Moissanite Testers

More advanced testers can accurately differentiate between diamonds, moissanite, and other gemstones. These tools are especially valuable for professionals in the industry.


So, moissanite does not pass traditional diamond testers due to its different physical properties. At Iceberg Diamonds, we value the unique characteristics that make a diamond, well, a diamond. We invite you to discover our unique collection of high-quality diamonds and fine jewelry.

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